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Talent Match

We have been delivering our Big Lottery funded Talent Match programme for 5 years mentoring young people (aged 18-24) who are furthest away from the job market into education, employment and training. We have 2 full-time equivalent Talent Match Coaches that can work with up to 70 young people a year in the Sheffield Region.

CONFIDENCE BUILDING: As part of the mentoring young people will be encouraged to take part in an activity of their choice with the mentor. This could be anything from horse riding, kickboxing, music studio time to football. Whatever they think would be of most benefit to them to help to raise their confidence.

MATHS AND ENGLISH SUPPORT: The Talent Match Coaches can work one-on-one with young people to help them to improve their Maths and English Skills. Activities can include budget planning, CV Writing, help with application forms etc.

CAREER PLANNING: If young people are unsure about what they want to do in the future the Talent Match Coaches can help them to draw up an action plan to get them on track to achieving thei dreams. Whether it be getting a job, an apprenticeship or getting back into education the coaches are on hand to support them.

COUNSELLING: At Really NEET we understand that they might be going through really difficult things in their life and that maybe some extra support might help them get through the tough times. As part of Talent Match, we can help them to access a counsellor that is right for them and their needs.

BARRIER BUSTING: Barrier-busting is simply the Talent Match mentor helping young people to overcome any barriers that they think young people have in your life to achieving their dreams. We can help them to find accommodation, whether it be shared housing or independent flats. We can also provide support around benefits, if they need support in claiming them or they have been put on a sanction we can help. We have very good links with organisation’s that give assistance with emotional wellbeing and substance misuse if young people felt they needed extra support in these areas, we are here to help them to build a support network around them so that they don’t feel isolated in dealing with their issues on their own