Community Projects

Xtreameathon 2011

We developed and delivered a unique and innovative community event working with 4 young people who were outside of mainstream education to run a Tough Guy Challenge race in Hillsborough Park. Sponsored by Unltd this amazing day consisted of runners tackling challenging obstacles including our main feature obstacle (2 spray painted scrap cars) to compete for prizes. We also had the support of Sheffield City Council who turned up with their inflatable football pitch and climbing wall.

S13 Does Glee 2012

This was a project to remember for so many reasons. We partnered with City School working with young people with low confidence who were all going through a difficult time. We wanted to engage them with a project that would help to build on their self-esteem and show them that anything was possible. How did we do it? Through the joy of singing! We approached the local Police station and recruited a police/fire choir, we partnered with Brunswick retirement village and worked with their existing choir and we formed a youth choir at the Salvation Army building in Woodhouse Village. We ran an incredible night in Brunswick community hall and over 200 people came to show their support, whether it was Police and Fire men and women singing Johnny Cash’s burning ring of fire, the youth choir’s rendition of Don’t Stop Believing or the retirement choir singing Westlife the event brought the community together raising over £400 for a local charity, Amy’s House Foundation.

A day in the life of – Homelessness

We developed this project to raise the awareness of what it is like to be homeless in the UK today. We convinced a member of the local business community to give up a day and a night of their time to experience what it is like to be homeless. Our young people (61% of whom live in hostel accommodation) designed the day/night based on their own experiences. Faith Douglas (a Bank Manager from Natwest) agreed to the challenge. Her day involved her living of £3, presenting as homeless at the homeless department, being interviewed at the Homeless Charity Archer Project and spending a night in one of the Bed and Breakfasts used by the homeless department to house young people in an emergency. We filmed the entire experience and it proved to be extremely insightful.

Glee Bah Business

We partnered with local business to deliver workshops for their employee’s headed up by the young people we work with to design innovative theme songs for each of the businesses. Businesses included Airmaster, Natwest, The Quadrant, Sheffield College, Cupola Art Gallery and others and all the businesses then competed against each other at an X Factor style event for the Glee Bah Business Trophy. 4 young people were the judges and picked the overall winner.

Fashion Junkie

We partnered with Chaucer school working with Year 7 students that had an interest in fashion. This 8 week project focused on environmentally friendly fashion, up cycling existing clothing in to new innovations. Partnering with Sheffield 50 plus we then took the young people into a local retirement home to show the elderly community their outfits and to talk about fashion through the ages. The project culminated with a fashion show extravaganza at the Sheffield Town Hall.

Hell’s Kitchen

We set up a miniature kitchen on our classroom and young people designed, prepared, cooked and delivered lunches to local business’s. They had to come up with a team name and design the packaging and they were competing against each other to get the most marks from the businesses.