We have developed a strong track record for reducing the proportion of 16-25 year old population in Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield, Waltham Forest and Hackney who were Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) after identifying a lack of mainstream provision to engage and retain a small, but significant, cohort of vulnerable young people who were furthest from the labour market.


We identified 12 challenges that can barriers to learning for our young people. We offer support in all these areas.

  1. issues with drugs/alcohol – making referrals for drugs worker/support, attending appointments
  2. victims of domestic violence – help to access domestic violence team, attending sessions, help accessing therapy/counselling
  3. young people on probation – support attending probation, attending court, support with community service
  4. additional needs with EHCP – one to one support, extra support in lessons, reasonable adjustments, flexible learning environment
  5. additional needs without an EHCP – helping to obtain official diagnosis, where appropriate accessing support for learning needs
  6. mental health issues – referrals to mental health teams, accessing IAPT, helping young people to access therapy/counselling
  7. perpetrators of domestic violence – implementing restorative justice, being a positive role model, helping to access support if appropriate
  8. young parents – offering support with social services, attending court cases, birth partners
  9. young people in local authority care – liaising with social workers, offering emotional support, ensuring they get the financial entitlements
  10. social care involvement – frequent liaison with social care to ensure the needs of the young person are met, attending appointments with them
  11. homelessness – assisting young people with housing appointments, organising emergency accommodation, assisting with finding suitable housing
  12. had been sexually exploited – working closely with the police and sexual exploitation teams, help accessing counselling