Inspiring Change



At the Really NEET College we offer a dynamic 37 Week course for 16-24 year olds called Inspiring Change. We have 3 sites across South Yorkshire in Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley

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Our Big Lottery funded Sheffield Inspiring Change Programme includes;

 Maths and English Functional Skills from Entry 1 up to Level 2, NCFE Creative Craft qualifications from Level 1 to Level 2 and ABC Youth Work qualifications at Level 1. We also offer tutorial support including study skills, confidence building, employability skills and Team work. The course is for 15/16 hours a week.


Our Barnsley Council funded programme includes;

Maths and English Functional Skills from Entry 1 up to Level 2, NCFE Sport qualifications at Level 1 and personal social development for work in the outdoor industry qualification at Level 1. We also offer tutorial support including study skills, confidence building, employability skills and Team work. The course is for 15/16 hours a week.

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Our Rotherham Council Funded Programme includes;

Maths and English Functional Skills from Entry 1 up to Level 2, ABC Award/Certificate in Practical Countryside Skills at Level 1. We also offer tutorial support including study skills, confidence building, employability skills and Team work. The course is for 15/16 hours a week.

All 3 of our courses include the following…


The course also includes a Residential to the Lake District to take part in Kayaking, High Ropes, Raft Building, Orienteering and Waterfall scrabbling.



The Really NEET Project are one of the only college’s in South Yorkshire that will go and pick our students up in our every morning, 4 cars, 4 staff members, 4 corners of Sheffield! We pick you up you make your own way home…Deal!


At Really NEET we have onsite Youth Workers who can help you with any benefit’s issues, housing problems or anything you feel you need extra support with.


If you are a young parent you may be entitled to childcare for up to 15 hours a week!


Our young people smashing it as professional chef’s at Doncaster College!

Quotes from learners:

Quote 1: “I want to work with kids with special needs or as a youth worker. I’m naturally good. I like helping people. They’ve helped me pursue it and recognise it in myself.”

Quote 1: “They’re not here just as a college, they’re here to sort out any other problems too so you can concentrate.”

Quote 2: “They don’t just treat us as equal but also as individuals. They tailor themselves to individuals and support you more than enough. You don’t get that anywhere else. They go the extra mile.”

Quote 3: “Before I came here, I had no hope; no one had confidence in me.”

Quote 4: “When I came here, I could talk to Sophie and she could relate. Feeling someone understands and cares….not just saying they understand but actually showing it.”

Quote 5: “I socialise with a lot more people and I have friends. I could never tell people how I felt but now I talk without being ashamed. My relationship with my mum is better. Really NEET said they could talk to my mum and they helped develop the bond with my mum. I’m now off drugs and alcohol. It’s done a lot for me.”

Quote 6: “I prefer it being a small college, I didn’t go to mainstream because I struggle in small groups you can socialise a lot more here.”

Quote 7: “I want to be in work. Or go to uni. I don’t feel confident enough to go to uni yet but I want to do something with my life. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like this.”

Quote 8: “We’re there for each other. If someone doesn’t have money, we lend each other clothes or money. It’s a support network and a lot of people have never had this before. “

Quote 9: “Here, the staff are more than staff. At school, they get guidelines on what to do but the teachers don’t question why people are acting up…they don’t think about the reasons behind it. Here they think about all aspects…not just doing the work.”

Quote 10: “At school, you get given a task, do this or do that and you can’t ask for help. One teacher and 30 kids and there isn’t enough time so work never got done.  Here, you get help to do it and if you say you can’t, they don’t make you, they encourage you. “

Quote 11: “All my friends are from the college. I didn’t have any friends at my old school.  People laughed at me for having second hand clothes. That’s how the bullying started.  They take you for who you are here.”

Quote 12: “If I wasn’t at college, I wouldn’t have had my mind focused. I can focus on a passion and a purpose instead of just existing.”

Quote 13: “If it wasn’t for this college, I wouldn’t be alive now. No joke. I was able to go to respite, counselling and a drug worker. They’ve done all this. I’ve got friends now.”

Quote 14: “Really NEET is people’s life line. I’d be in prison or not alive if it wasn’t for this place.”

Our staff team enjoying a team building day at Sheffield’s Great Escape Game!

Quotes from teachers:

Quote 1: “I came from a mainstream background which was purely focused on achieving 3 levels of progress, or 4 with SEN. This is more about holistic approaches to young people and basically slowly, carefully helping them overcome fears and barriers.

“They have a negative view of mainstream education or they haven’t taken part at all. They’re completely overlooked. And we are making them feel as if they can achieve.”

Quote 2: “Most of them have struggled to engage in the past. We engage them into education and get them participating. Gradually, we will increase willingness and ability to do academic study. We help them learn in their own way.”

Quote 3: “It’s a small supportive team and we all work for the same aim to make sure people have a chance in life when others don’t think they have.”

Quote 4: “They achieve things they never thought they would – it’s stunning. Their potential is amazing.”

Quote 5: “I love the fact that you are encouraged to perform better and not told you’re doing something wrong. You are supported rather than criticised.”

Quote 6: “These kids have got so much potential and by doing this it gives them a chance, someone believes in them. They’ve been let down by the normal education system. They need someone to believe in them and that’s what Really NEET does.”

Quote 7: “We’re young people led so we need to be flexible. If they’re not in the right frame of mind, we adapt what they’re doing that day. If something terrible at home has happened. Like someone has been evicted…my main priority is to get them somewhere to stay that night, so the plan changes.”

“We sort that problem out which can benefit them in the long run because if they’re sorted and happy it facilitates learning.”

Quote 8: “Everything they learn is relevant to their life. They tailor modules to young people. It’s informal learning, led by young people.”

Quote 9: “We care about all areas of their life, education isn’t the be all and end all.”

Quote 10: “We find out what they’re interested in and we make it happen. They all have ambitions and dreams. They all want a job, they all want to do something, they have a dream. We do everything we can so they can achieve it.”

Quote 11: “It can feel like the end of the world for them. We make them know they can talk about it and we will never turn them away. We’ll never say no to them and we will find someone who can help them if we can’t.”