What our students say

There is no one better than our own students to tell you how they feel about the Really NEET Project and the impact it has made on their lives.image12


“It’s like coming home, but more stable, and doesn’t go anywhere!”


“I have been at Really NEET for 2 years. School was a nightmare and I was often excluded or placed in isolation room. My language and behaviour caused problems. I didn’t achieve my potential and only gain maths functional skills level 1. I knew about Really NEET because of my sister. She used to be a student here. So then I started and enjoyed it so I’ve come back for another year, I never did any good in Sheffield City College and ended up getting kicked out. Sheffield College was too full and too big for me but Sophie saved me from having no GCSEs. If I didn’t come here I’d end up with no qualifications. The value of it is that Sophie try’s her best to help me achieve my goals with her positivity and helps me calm my ADHD down from coming as much with my hyperactivity and my lack communication that’s why I enjoy coming here because I feel a lot comfortable around these students and teachers.”


“I have been attending Really NEET for the past year and absolutely love it.

I have known Sophie Maxwell for 3 years now and in that time she has helped me through: homelessness, confidence issues, meetings and more importantly as a confidant. My aim in attending college is to improve my grades leading to a full time position in the travel and tour industry. I am currently studying level 1 functional skills English and Maths in order to achieve this goal.

I have found Really NEET to be very important as we are all like one big family. I would love to invite you to come and see us all in action.”


“I am currently a 19 year old student at the Really NEET Project. I have been at Really NEET for two and a half years. I got involved with Really NEET through the Housing Association I’m currently with as I wasn’t at college or working. My school experience wasn’t the best because I was teased and sometimes bullied by fellow classmates. The teachers made me feel as if I was stupid and that if I didn’t get perfect GCSEs then I wouldn’t get anywhere in life. I didn’t have many friends and I was very under confident and shy and would barely talk to anyone. I never tried in my lessons due to the teachers being more focused on the students that were a lot smarter. I genuinely hated school, I felt alone and hated thinking that I had to go.

Really NEET offers smaller class sizes, tutors that actually listen to you and want to help you get the best qualifications and opportunities in life. The qualifications that I have gained so far from Really NEET are Level 1 and Level 2 Art, Level 1 Business and this year, I’m going to get Level 1 Maths, Level 2 English plus a qualification in Level 2 Art and a qualification in personal social development.

The extra things that I can access at Really NEET are work experience opportunities which could lead to a job at the end of it, which is great because no other colleges offer this.

It’s changed my life completely because I’m much more confident in myself and has helped me gain some qualifications. I have no idea where I’d be if Really NEET wasn’t here. It can change people’s lives and help them move onto different courses and let them do what they enjoy and want to do in the future.”


“I am 24 years old and I have been coming to Really NEET college since September 2014.

When I attended other colleges I was treated unfairly and some of the tutors disrespected me when I was having a difficult time. I ended up at Really NEET college through Talent Match which is a mentoring scheme. This was because no other college accepted me with my problems with learning and meeting new people. I want to achieve a path to further studies in art so that I can become an artist and take my place in society.

I like Really NEET because the tutors treat me fairly with utmost respect. I like coming here as I am listened to when I am upset. The tutors are the only people who take us for who we are not what we have done. There talent match mentor there has helped me gain confidence with attending appointments in new surroundings. I have had a few very sad times and all the Really NEET staff have helped to make me feel happier.

Really NEET is important to all its students because it gives each student a chance to get a fresh start with qualifications for a job in the long run. The students will struggle without this college to get qualifications if they were in mainstream as tutors are strict.”


“I really enjoy the Really Neet college and I’ve got the best education. They help me with my work and I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved. And I couldn’t have done it without them.”


What our stakeholders say



The work that they do with young people is amazing. What Sophie and the rest of the Really NEET team do is that they take a household approach to teaching- they support the students with housing and benefits, take on young offenders etc. They really are an ‘all-rounder’.

The staff are all very professional and committed. Nothing is too much bother to them. There has been instances where staff have been taking calls from young people at 10pm at night because they need support in dealing with a difficult situation.

There’s not really anything like them in Sheffield. The young people go to the Really NEET College because they want to, not because they are forced to. The staff know how to help these people because they can relate to them, particularly Sophie as she’s been in their shoes before herself.”


We’ve had brilliant results. The women we work with are often hard to reach and difficult to engage. Most of them have dropped out of education early but Really NEET get them engaged and on board. They’ve all grown massively in confidence and skills. Their written communication and their interpersonal skills have particularly improved…they’re much better at working well in smaller groups. They also get to work on their creative skills and loads of them are so proud of their artwork that they’ve created there. It’s also really good for getting them in a routine, turning up each day.

It’s the way they manage to engage the women. Other courses that are provided elsewhere are often quite formal with big groups and with staff or tutors that don’t quite understand their needs. The tutors at Really NEET are really engaging and understanding of situations and the learning is personalised to individuals because they’re all at different levels and they all need different kinds of support. Whatever they do, it works. No one has dropped out or said they didn’t like it, ever”.