Sarah Hanwell


I am passionate about crafts; especially woodwork. I love the fact that a natural sustainable product can be made into products that last a lifetime. Woodwork gives you the option of following complex manufacturing rules or choosing an artistic, creative route. Creative crafts give you a sense of purpose and pride in the final outcome. It has helped me with my mental wellbeing, as it enables you to be totally absorbed in what you are creating. I find it relaxing.


My main purpose is to create engaging lessons, which will hopefully enable learners to be captivated with a creative process, to build self-esteem. To give them a sense of purpose and pride in their achievements.

It’s also a subject that could be chosen as a career pathway or hobby.


I lived in Ft Lauderdale, Florida as a young adult in 1988. It is here that I first experienced working with wood on boats. I was a deck hand and part of my job was to maintain the wooden deck, which involved sanding and varnishing on board timbers and replacing parts. When I returned home I enrolled on a Furniture Craft course. I studied for four years while my daughter was young. I started working as a Technician at Sheffield College in the Construction department. It is here I realised I had lots of knowledge about woodwork, and had more to give. I studied at Sheffield Hallam University, Bsc. Hon. Design & Technology, with ED. & QTS. 3yr. I worked as a Design and Technology Teacher for nine years based in Barnsley. I was employed by the Really Neet project in August 2017.