Carol Vincent


My passion is for helping others to feel valued and capable and my role within Really NEET. I love running trails and off path. Obstacle racing preferably with mud makes me feel alive. Cooking and standing on the top of hills are my way of relaxing. People have always been important to me. I also passionately believe that suffering with mental health issues should not prevent people from engaging fully in life. Everyone needs a bra at times (comfort and support).


My purpose within Really NEET is to help students gain the English and Maths qualifications and for this to happen I want to break down the barriers to learning. There is nothing better that watch someone achieve something they did think they could do. My strategies are to create engaging lessons and to never give up. I always try to focus on what the student needs in order to achieve and encourage them to decide what they want to improve.


I had various jobs including cleaning, counting sperm, watching grass grow, and bar maiding. I was a research and teaching technician at Manchester University after gaining a degree in Applied Plant Science. In 1995 I did a PGCE in secondary science teaching and worked in a mainstream schools for 18 years. Over the years I taught Science, Maths and SEND English. Being dyslexic I appreciate that everyone can struggle at times.